Does going to see the doctor frustrate you? 
Do you feel like they don’t have time to listen to you or don’t take your concerns seriously? 
These concerns are precisely why I’ve decided to open an independent general medical practice, one that works for YOU. 

Hello! I am Dr. Dimmitt, an osteopathic general practice physician based in the United States, committed to providing excellent care! I left mainstream medicine to start my own practice, a practice dedicated to YOU, not insurance companies or hospital bottom lines. I want to bring healthcare back to the people who need it. Fees for services are upfront and negotiable – if you have lower income and would like to supplement the fee with barter of other goods and services. No hidden costs. I can provide a receipt for you to mail to insurance to claim reimbursement, but I am not contracted with any insurance providers and they may not reimburse you. I provide online, in-person (seattle only), and home visits (seattle only). Your information is always confidential and private, except under mandatory reporting laws if you report to me that you are an imminent danger to yourself or others. 

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